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How To Clean Burnt Sugar In An Oven

Posted on 08 Jul 2012

One of the worse nightmares for a housewife is burnt sugar in the oven. It's almost impossible to remove, and some people generally consider stoves and ovens completely ruined when there's burnt sugar on them. However, there's still hope, don't give up - here's a method for cleaning burnt sugar from an oven.

You will need some household ammonia, a glass dish, some kind of eye protection, a plastic ice windshield scraper, a heavy duty scouring pad, a pair of rubber gloves, some paper towels, and oven cleaner.

1. Before you start cleaning, check if the oven is turned off and has cooled off.

2. Put on your eye protection and the pair of rubber gloves before you start working with the ammonia. Pour some in the glass dish until you fill half of it, and then put it on the oven rack. Close the oven door before you remove the gloves and eye protection.

3. Leave it like that for 12 hours. During that time, you mustn't use the oven. The ammonia fumes will loosen the sugar, as well as all other stains and dirt on the inside of the oven.

4. Put on the rubber gloves and the eye protection, and only then can you open the oven again.

5. Take the dish out, dispose of the ammonia in the appropriate manner, and keep on your protection until the ammonia is all gone.

6. Don't take off the gloves, get the ice scraper and start working on removing the sugar and other chunks of whatever there is inside. The scraper is plastic, so it won't damage the oven walls.

7. Use the paper towels to gather the debris that have been scraped off.

8. When you've gathered most of it, get the scouring pad and continue scrubbing away what's left of the mess on the oven walls. From time to time, use the paper towels to wipe loose gunk.

9. Once you stop making any progress and you think you've done what you can, spray the walls with oven cleaner.

10. Read the label to see how long you have to leave it there, and when it has passed, wipe it with a clean cloth or paper towels.

11. Wipe the whole oven with a wet cloth.

12. When it has dried of, the oven will look like new. Be careful when working with the ammonia, as its fumes are strong and very dangerous to breathe in. Learn what the proper way to dispose of it is and don't let it come in contact with skin or eyes. If you're worried that someone may open the oven while the dish with ammonia is inside, tape it shut and put a sign on the door. Don't let children come near ammonia. Always read the manufacturer's instructions on the ammonia's label, as they describe proper use, storage and disposal.

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